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Three Things 16th of February

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1. It was an obscenely long day (the third this week), so shutting an office door and chatting to a colleague for the last forty-five minutes before home time was definitely a high point!
3. My Tickette scribble necklace. Steve originally bought it for me back in November but it fell victim to the Christmas/snowtime postal confusion; a replacement was sent out last week and arrived today! I love it!
2. And tonight was date night: a pub dinner, wine and True Grit.

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  1. 1. Going to the physio and discovering my teammate had briefed her that i have an ‘interesting’ running technique. Code for ‘runs like a girl’?! He always finds a tactful way to say I’m a shambles!
    2. Catching up with colleagues I don’t see often and the realisation we will soon share an office. πŸ™‚
    3. A patient badminton instructor and an impromptu pub trip after.

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  3. Badminton, too?! Where do you find the energy?

  4. Haribo and lucozade mainly! πŸ™‚

  5. Oo how was True Grit? The necklace is beautiful! Always good to have a bit of a chat in the office, mine is a very chatty office, I like that about it!

    • True Grit – I liked it; it’s odd, all about people’s quirks more than actions; Steve was less sure.

      My office is usually chatty but my workmate’s been off for two weeks and it’s been slooooooooow without her!


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