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Three Things 15th of February

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1. Season 4 of 30 Rock arriving. I know what we’re doing this evening!
2. Having someone round to quote for chimney repairs… and realising just as he was leaving that there was a mushy message scrawled on the back of the door. *blush*
3. Finally – after one of those seemingly never ending afternoons – getting home only a few minutes before Steve and splitting a Crunchie over our first cups of tea.

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  1. 1. my wisdom tooth coming in not hurting anymore
    2. university being closed because of the snow storm
    3. knitting

  2. 1. Home-cooked South Indian cuisine at Aishu’s
    2. Aishu’s excitement at her friend’s new baby
    3. Trash TV watching in company – sharing the horror!

  3. Love love love 30 Rock! 🙂

    I have more than 3 things today! 🙂 1. my bridesmaids loving the dresses I found them 2. we might be getting a cleaner… yay! 3. my other half bought me an easter egg 🙂

    • We watched eight episodes last night. 🙂

      Aw, what an ace day! Glad the wedding plans are taking shape (and I’ll be very jealous if you get a cleaner; I think Steve’s too attached to his pile of scrunched up receipts to risk letting anyone in to tidy…).

  4. I love your mushy message! I’m sure the repair guy has seen much worse things when visiting people’s houses *shudder*

  5. Aww splitting a Crunchie, how cute!!


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