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Three Things 14th of February

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1. The sun peeking from behind the rain clouds for a whole five minutes this afternoon (just as building firm number two-of-three called me back about my leaky chimney).
2. Making April plans with Kirsten already. Whoooooooooo!
3. Being given a bunch of red roses by the shop downstairs from my flat (and a butterscotch sweet by my boyfriend).

I am and always have been pretty oblivious to Valentine’s Day. I’m told that’s easy for me to say when I have a boyfriend – which is true – but, on the other hand, don’t forget how hard it is to explain to a lot of people why he isn’t taking me out for dinner this evening! I think Valentine’s Day is a sweet idea for shy people with crushes, but established couples have 364 other days a year during which to say, “I love you”.

Standard anti-Valentine’s sentiment expressed, I did read three 14th of February posts today which made me chuckle:

Diana’s husband talks about choosing engagement rings.

How to give a gift to someone who said they’d throw it right back at you.

Really just an animated rant.


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  1. Bring on April! And here are my 3 things:

    1. Purchasing a lovely sans serif typeface
    2. Receiving a bunch of yellow flowers
    3. Finding a piece of illustrated paper in a drawer that was just the right size for wrapping a valentines moleskin notebook

  2. 1. Compliments on my new blouse.
    2. A suggestion I do the dance of the seven veils for the ballroom dancing.
    3. The story of the Desperate Valentine!

  3. 1. getting a giant poster printed (for a conference in Norway)
    2. having a laugh with friends while leaning on a stack of water bottle packages in the middle isle of the grocery store
    3. getting an airmail letter

  4. I am so glad the flowers found such a loving home!

    Great blog by the way. Me likes.


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