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Three Things 12th of February

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1. Sitting around in my dressing gown and reading a book until half past two in the afternoon.
2. Hot drinks and paninis with friends who are visiting from Edinburgh.
3. And tonight, we’re going for a few drinks for Pauline’s birthday.

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  1. 1. Having a long lie this morning (bliss)
    2. The super friendly Apple store assistant
    3. Seeing you and your bearded other half today!

    Here’s to a great Sunday.

  2. Heehee, I very much like your first one 🙂

  3. starting a blog
    fabric buying for craft projects
    tidy, clean apartment with nice food & wine

  4. 1. Dame Helen Mirren on telly
    2. The impromptu singing by the Welsh supporter after the rugby in O’Neills (though not so much the rugby).
    3. The surprise bosie from the random England fan also after the rugby


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