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Three Things 6th of February

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  1. Discussing and impersonating the pulling technique of pigeons (which is to land next to a pigeon of the opposite sex, puff up big, make a burbling noise and spin in a circle).
  2. Brightening up an ironing session by singing and shimmying along to the Detroit Cobras (especially the song Right Around the Corner which never fails to make me happy).
  3. Cherry brandy. *hic*

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  1. Pigeons are rank. Unless they are wood pigeons, they’re acceptable.

  2. Away to listen to the Detroit Cobras! I’ve been needing some new music to listen to ..

  3. I love watching overly hopeful re: mating pigeons get shot down in flames by uninterested lady pigeons. They always end up doing the puffed up/circle thing to empty air for a little before they shuffle off.

    • I live in an attic flat so I get to watch them strutting around right outside my window. They’re very resilient; the knockbacks don’t seem to have any effect on them – they just hop on over to the next lady pigeon and have another go.

  4. 1. Senga strawberry yoghurts (remind me of a friend)

    2. Buying shiny new sport kit in pretty girly colours

    3. Wagamama tea!

  5. Here’s mine for the 7th early:

    1. Hearing the Biffy Clyro version of Many of Horror on the radio this morning – what a pleasant change!
    2. My fancy dress outfit arriving (and being made to do a fashion show in the loos at work).
    3. Discovering I really like the album I got at Christmas and have only just got round to properly listening to.


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