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Three Things 4th of February

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Yesterday was a really good day and I had trouble picking just three things to mention here. Today went the opposite way and did involve a crying fit… but I think the mediocre and the disappointing days are the most important ones in this project – they’re the bigger challenge after all; learning to recognise their bright sides is the main point to Three Things February!

So, after a bit of thought, here are my three things for Friday:

1. The friendly sales assistant in M&S at lunchtime. Not that she did or said anything out of the ordinary but her cheerfulness seemed genuine rather than an autopilot thing and I left the shop with a smile on my face.
2. Getting to home time on Friday with a completely free weekend ahead of me. Of course, I love most of the plans that Steve and I make for our free time, but this week I’m glad to have a big blank space in the calendar to fill or not as the mood takes me/us.
3. An afterwork doughnut, courtesy of Steve.

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  1. everyone seems to have had a bad struggly day today. Doughnut looks yummy. Have good weekend πŸ™‚

  2. 1. A lunchtime jaunt with a work friend (and the baked potato disaster!).
    2. Getting a lol from a new friend in an email.
    3. Last minute plans for an otherwise empty weekend.

  3. must be something in the air today, mine would have included a little cry if I had not been so busy even a loo break was out of the question!

    • Mine was after work but Steve ran downstairs and got our friendly neighbourhood off license manager to recommend a soothing wine!

      Your day sounds like a tough one, but yay for discovering secret blog friends!

  4. 1. Waking up to find I had a whole hour before I had to get up for work
    2. Hanging out with a good friend after work
    3. Listening to the Foal’s new album

  5. Sorry to hear you had a rubbish day yesterday. I’m sure your weekend will be much better. Enjoy!

  6. Agree 100% with you about how important 3TF is on rubbish days – it’s good to have something that helps you on the positive things in life when it’s all going a bit pear-shaped.


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