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Three Things 1st of February

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1. Gingerbread hearts made by a colleague.
2. Spending most of the day designing bright orange leaflets and drawing trees.
3. Amaretto, hot cross buns and handholding whilst watching Mad Men.

I’ve also been absolutely thrilled by the amount of people taking part in Three Things February. Between blogs, comments on this site, Facebook posts and Tweets I’ve been stunned and delighted by what I consider to be a huge response (I really did think it would just be Alistair, Lola and me)! So, hello to you all! If I don’t already know [about] you, please do drop me a wee comment or message to let me know you’re here!

Oh, and at Alistair’s request, here is a banner featuring robots (can you tell this took me all of three minutes while Steve was telling me about his day? Evidently blog excitement makes me a neglectful girlfriend):

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  1. Great list – I am a sucker for anything heart shaped!

  2. Excellent robots! They shall be one of today’s three!

  3. I’m taking part (saw the link via shopaholly) over at 🙂

  4. My Three Things 1st of February:

    1. The double rainbow with a stormy grey backdrop seen out of the office window
    2. A cinema date to see Black Swan
    3. Wearing a new dress

  5. Hi Sarah – thanks for stopping by my blog – glad you love the print! I just realized that you are in the U.K. – so I’m so glad to know that the print made it all the way over there…even if it did take a while! 🙂 Super cute blog, too!

  6. i love hot cross buns! i was so excited when i discovered you can buy them all year round!

    • I love the apple and cinnamon ones from M&S! I especially love that they’re on offer just now and have such short eat-by dates that I HAVE to eat two a day or risk them going stale. 🙂

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