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Aberdeen to Glasgow

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On Saturday, Lola and I had a daytrip to Glasgow. Our train left Aberdeen at half past six in the morning and my plan was to take pictures out of the window as the sky changed from black to blue; I didn’t realise I would also be watching the world change from green to white. We were stunned when snow suddenly appeared on the ground just past Dundee – it was so cold down south/out west, but incredibly pretty. Anyway, here you go… Scotland, from dark to light:

And reaching Glasgow Queen Street at nine o’clock:

(note: I love some of these pictures and I hope that you do, too, but I’d like to take this chance to talk about copyright. Namely, that I hold it. If you’re using any of these images IN YOUR BLOG please ensure I’m properly credited, that this post/ is linked to and that you make me aware that you have done so; if you would like to use them FOR ANY OTHER PURPOSE, please ask my permission first – I’m very approachable, really! Thanks!)

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