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The Week I’ve Had (23rd January 2011)

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A busy few weeks have caught up with me; I was shattered at work on Monday. Luckily, I had a gingerbread man and a nice cup of tea to get me through it.

It’s been a chilly but otherwise lovely week – bright blue skies; little fluffy clouds; gorgeous sunsets. This is Wednesday’s, taken through the window at work (hence the pale line across it – darn reflections!).

I first saw these illustrated scaffolding covers in Edinburgh a year or so ago – I love them! This one’s over an old theatre in Aberdeen which is finally being restored after decades of sitting empty.

I spotted this heart on the way to work on Friday. I know it’s from one of those pairs of jeans which anyone who’s hit puberty can’t get past their ankles, but by itself I found it quite distressing.

On Saturday, Lola and I went to a crochet, knitting and sewing class at The Life Craft in Glasgow which was heaps of fun – crochet is my new [temporary] favourite craft. There are at least two posts’ worth of Glasgow/travelling photos to share with you this coming week but, in the meantime, here are our winter woollies on the train and Lola hard at work:

And today, The Green Hornet and veggie haggis. Happy Sunday everyone!

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  1. You didn’t say what you did to that poor Gingerbread man. Ha ha!

  2. Do tell us what you think of the Green Hornet.

    • It’s very silly. Steve was underwhelmed; I thought it was quite fun and liked Cameron Diaz’s role (a nice change from teenaged love interest girl characters).

  3. That pink sky is just beautiful……glorious.

    I’m so glad they got around to changing that scaffolding cover, keeping the Christmas tree one was just inviting bad luck 🙂


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