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The Week I’ve Had (16th January 2011)

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Here’s the obligatory shot of Lola and me at our exhibition launch – it was a great night with a good turn out and more than sufficient compliments!

(photo by Kirsty W – thanks Kirsty!)

The show runs until 26th February so if you’re in Aberdeen city centre pop by Kilau on Little Belmont Street and take a look.

One I shot whilst waiting for Fi on Monday:

And one taken in Ma Cameron’s whilst we ate, drank and gossiped (well, actually, whilst Fi was at the bar buying me more wine *hic*):

A bit of mending:

On Friday night, Steve and I went to get Chinese; my camera came along for the walk:

Amused by the randomly scrawled “cock”; curious about when and why chalk became the grafitti media of choice.

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  1. Yay, exhibition! 🙂 And that graffitti makes me smile. 🙂 he he. I wish chalk was a choice more often!

    • Yeah, it seems to be the thing to use in Aberdeen these days – I’ve had a few scrawls across the front door and it’s so nice to be able to just wipe them off. 🙂

  2. My photo was good enough – yay! 🙂


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