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Hogmanay: Stonehaven Fireballs!

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This year, some friends and I saw in the new year watching Stonehaven’s famous fireballs ceremony. I’ve been wanting to see the fireballs for years and I loved it!

The festivities started with entertainments in the town square. Our friend Pauline was doing storytelling which was really entertaining, but we did sneak off at one point for hot drinks and to watch the pipe band:

Then it was down to the harbour for the midnight ceremony. Every year about 45 local men and women take part in the event, constructing their own fireball in advance, then meeting up for midnight to set them alight and walk through the town’s main streets, swinging them around their heads. The procession takes about twenty minutes and ends with them returning to the harbour and hurling them into the sea.

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  1. some great shots here! I like the fact they were real men and wore the kilts, I don’t want to know if they were being real Scottish men though. as I saw a few of them on the walk home last night…

  2. what a memorable event!! i would love to see something like that!

    happy new years dear!

  3. That’s such a good idea! I love it that some villages have their own wee New Year’s traditions – this is a great one! I must make a trip one year!


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