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Happy New Year!

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Here it is: 2011 and I’m starting this year in a good place. Unlike 1st January 2010, this year I am living with my lovely boyfriend, I have a job I enjoy rather than endure, and there are no super-urgent, hugely expensive home repair issues hanging over my head.

There’s nothing important I need to work towards, nothing vital I have to do. It’s a nice situation to be in and if nothing’s changed by this time next year I won’t be disappointed.

And as for resolutions, well, I know a cold, dark January is not the right time for me to make any promises which might require willpower, so I’m not going to swear to start or stop doing anything from midnight on the first. But what I would like to do this year is:

  • Go back to yoga.
  • Dance more.
  • Cook a little more and a little better.
  • The same goes for crafting.
  • Practise photographing people.
  • And spend a couple of weekends away.

What about you? Do you have any goals or ambitions for the coming months?

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  1. Much like you I am starting 2011 in a much better place than I was in 2010. It’s really rather lovely, if a bit odd. Rather than resolutions, I’ve tried to come up with things I want to do this year and I will definitely be adding taking a few weekends away to the list!

    All the best to you for 2011!

  2. 30 and counting! (but ticking some off as I go)

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