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But first, the traditional recap of the year which is ending. 2010 was all about:

  • Steve moving in.
  • My mum getting married.
  • Learning to wallpaper.
  • And screenprint.
  • And provide emergency friends and family support in case of an offshore incident.
  • And counsel children over the phone.
  • Selling photos. A few.
  • Blackpool.
  • Horse riding for the first time in years.
  • Seeing my favourite author (Scarlett Thomas) do a Q&A session.
  • Getting a fab new job!
  • Learning about ginger dinosaurs.
  • Massive home improvements.
  • Eschewing expensive festivals for our very own Teacake in the Park.
  • Which was a highlight of Lola’s and my Cheap Ass Summer. Oh, yes, we made it a Facebook event and everything.
  • Getting a decent hair cut for the first time ever.
  • Having physio on what turns out to have always been a dodgy leg.
  • Seeing some cool bands and heaps and heaps and heaps of films.
  • Karen and Mark getting married.
  • Playing at tourists in Edinburgh.
  • Walking on hot coals.

It was such a good year; I can hardly wait to find out what the next twelve months will bring!

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  1. love this post ^_^ x

  2. I just read my first Scarlett Thomas book on holiday. I actually got through 3 and a half books – most reading I’ve done for a while. This is a good sign I think!


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