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Two Rooms with a View

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Finally, a week and a half after they went in, I feel ready to show you my lovely new windows. And they really are lovely – the flat feels warmer; we have a view of something other than condensation on cold days; and the frames are really pretty. And now that the scaffolding’s gone and I’ve had it confirmed that they meet the very high heritage trust standards, here they are:

Highlights of our living room window nook include:

  • My grandfather’s old telescope.
  • A rabbit planter I found in a charity shop for £3. It’s full of buttons.
  • Surprise Happy Day After Your Birthday lilies from Steve.
  • Crowns from my birthday party last Saturday.
  • An old pewter mug I pinched from my parents.
  • A gorgeous old sewing box in which we store stationery.
  • A mirror shaped like a bird cage, with the bird perched on top.
  • A chair I painted with my sister several years ago.
  • A tiny metal Christmas tree my friend Bruce made me with a Stormtrooper head for a star.

Highlights of our kitchen window nook include:

  • You Will Have Your Cake and Eat It Too print from Sweet Dee.
  • Ludicriously full Christmas hamper from Steve’s work.
  • A mirror I painted myself.
  • A big stripy jug my mum gave me.
  • A red enamel teapot I gave Steve.
  • Lots of recycling waiting to be taken to the bins.
  • Several towels waiting to be washed.
  • And my reflection in the window. Hello!

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