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A Shout Out to Some Friends!

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Over the last month, four of my friends have started lovely new blogs; I thought I’d point you in their directions!

First up was Alistair with Pointless Ephemera, his blog on “the geekier parts of popular culture and history”. So far, this has included comic reviews and updates on his model building – okay, so this is more my boyfriend’s sort of thing than mine, but Alistair writes so engagingly that I’ve found myself drawn in!

Second was Karen who is involved in Ted’s Excellent Adventures. Karen handmade Ted the Tooth as a good luck mascot for a colleague to take up Kilimanjaro, but the team at her work loved him so much that they’ve started a blog to record all of his adventures, big and small.

Next came Lola with Cherrystones & Cwtchs (a cwtch is a sort of Welsh cuddle). Lola and I used to do a joint blog which was intended to get us both looking for and taking more photos… and it worked! When real life got in the way of our weekly project, we both ended up with individual blogs which would let us do things our own way.

And, finally, just last week Rhona started Red Wine Runner, primarily to chart her progress with running, but expect her love of music, photography, wine… etc… to creep in, too! I found her first post particulary open and touching.

Why not pay them all a visit?

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  1. Yay! Thanks for the link!


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