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A big welcome to anyone who’s found me through the lovely Sometimes Sweet!

For those of you who are currently going, “Eh?”: today, I’m giving a little blog tour of my home city over here. I’m thrilled to have my pictures included on Dani’s gorgeous blog, and especially excited to be involved this week as Dani has been introducing her brand new baby boy to the world! Pop on over and take a look around!

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  1. hello šŸ™‚

    i was so surprised to see aberdeen on sometimes sweet today, because aberdeen is where i live too. (i never thought i’d come across an aberdeen blogger on the internet!)

  2. One of my friends was even more surprised when she spotted ME on Sometimes Sweet! Small blimming internet when you like pretty things, I guess!

    (oh, and I don’t like Cadbury’s chocolate, either; super-dark is the way to go)

  3. Wow!
    A blogger featured on Sometimes Sweet who is from the Granite City!!!



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