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Chills Up My Spine

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I hope everyone’s having a spoooooooooooooky Halloween!

I spotted this chap on the way back from a pub lunch with Steve. It was a traditional, old man style pub and I found it a bit odd to see it decked out in black and orange paraphenalia:

Halloween’s only recently become a big deal in the UK (the internet’s probably a factor in that!); when I was little, it extended to making a costume out of bin liners and bed sheets, inflicting poorly memorised poetry upon elderly neighbours, and going home with a bagful of peanuts and pennies. The parties and decorations that we’re starting to tie in with it are still a surprise to me.

That said, I spent my twenties dying my hair various shades of black, so any excuse to don a silly outfit and watch vampire movies is fine by me!

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