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Me, Myself and I

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I thought now might be a good time to tell you a bit about myself. The purpose of this blog is to get me taking more photos, doing more crafts and seeing where I can go with them… but inevitably some personal stuff is going to creep into it, too.


I’m Sarah, I’m 31 and I live in the North-East of Scotland.

I work in communications in the third sector (that’s charities and community groups to people who don’t need to know local government terminology) and I love it. Sometimes I get to be very creative. Sometimes I don’t get to be creative at all but do get immediate, visible results. Sometimes I just get to talk to people who’re doing amazing good work because they’ve discovered a cause which really matters to them; they’re inspiring.

I’ve been with my boyfriend for just under two years. He works in IT and is a tall, skinny, ginger geek (my preferred type). Last month he moved in with me and it’s going great.

What else? I read a lot; I go to the cinema a lot; I’m training as a volunteer counsellor. I hardly watch TV but do blitz through DVD box sets. I never read horoscopes. I can’t control my hair.

Is there anything else I should be telling you…?

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  1. Where did you get this picture? I love the wee cat paw prints! 🙂
    Why don’t you read horoscopes?

  2. I snapped it on the way up to Rosemount on Sunday.

    I don’t read them because – even if astrology is real, which is another matter – I don’t believe magazine horoscopes can genuinely tell you that a twelfth of a population is going to feel/experience the exact same thing on the exact same day… and yet I’ll still feel a little unhappy if they state I’m going to have a hard time. I don’t want to tie how I’m feeling to something I don’t even believe in!


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